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Pinatta Speak
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Oppenheim Toy Portfoliol Gold Seal Award 2002


A Trip to the Dentist 
through Pinatta’s View


Children will love meeting Pinatta, the band and a few special guests inside the big oak tree as they use music, boggle goggles and a child's perspective to help children feel GREAT about going to the dentist!

Practice along with Pinatta, Emily and her Mom as they use a few simple props to practice going to the dentist. It's so much fun and easy to do!

They're hip, they're cool and they live inside Pinatta's tree. They're the Cool Man Band and in no time you and your children will be singing along to their lively original songs; "Pinatta's View", "Practice", "Put the Glasses On", "Ba Ba Doo", and "Tick Tock".

Things look a little different when you"re a small child! Filmed from just 40 inches high, children can come along on a trip to the real dentist's office and see from Emily's point of view exactly what things look like. They'll meet the dentist and hygienist, see the tools they use, ride in the dentist's chair and get excited about going to their own dentist appointment!

"Pinatta's View" - Video Trailer

"Pinatta's View" - Original Song

"Practice" - Original Song from Pinatta's View

"Put On The Glasses" - Original Song from Pinatta's View

"Ba Ba Doo" - Original Song from Pinatta's View

"Tick Tock" - Original Song from Pinatta's View