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Don’t You Wish Everyone Saw Things From Your Point of View?

Imagine being 3 years old and standing just 40 inches high. Things look, sound and seem a lot different from that perspective and we as adults don't spend a lot of time walking around on our knees trying to relate to their unique slant on life!
Introducing Pinatta... she stands just 40 inches tall and she sees things from a child's point of view. Come join her inside the big oak tree as she uses music and her wonderful invention called Boggle-Goggles to make it possible for children to see the dentist as it really is and for adults to better understand their unique point of view.

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What You Won't See:

You WON’T see any giant purple toothbrushes or dancing pieces of floss. You won’t even hear a single nursery rhyme.

 What You Will See:

You WILL meet her wacky talk show band, sing along to their lively ORIGINAL songs, meet some special guests and get some simple pointers about practicing a dentist trip at home. Then with Pinatta as your guide, and filmed from the point of view of 4 year old Emily, you’ll take a real trip to the dentist and hygienist and become familiar with the sights and sounds of a dentist office.

We're glad you joined us for this adventure.
Welcome to Pinatta’s View!


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Award winning video...

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio
Gold Seal Award 2002

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The video is designed to:

  • Encourage discussion between parents and kids - to help develop trust building and self confidence.
  • Encourage “practicing” as a way to develop familiarity with new situations - show a child the experience the way he/she might actually see it - from a child’s 40" high perspective with real sights and sounds.
  • Transport children to the real dentist’s office through the use of puppets, music and first person point of view. The child is led through an actual cleaning and exam and introduced to real dental equipment.

What sets Pinatta’s View™ apart is its unique way of introducing a child to the very realistic sights and sounds of an experience from a seldom seen perspective, their own. This is accomplished through the use of an invention called Boggle-Goggles™ that are worn both by the child in the show and the audience watching at home. They allow the “at-home” audience to see exactly what the “on-air” child is seeing.