Video Shop Buzz FAQs
1. How long is the tape?
28 commercials and lots of fun!
2. What's the best way to use this tape?
Children will enjoy watching Pinatta at home, in their classroom or while waiting in a dentist's office. Use the video in conjuction with practice sessions at home or in the classroom. (Go to instructions on creating your own practice bag.) For the dental professional and educator this video is a wonderful addition to an oral hygiene presentation or curriculum.
3. What age group would benefit from the video the most?
It is geared to the child who has never been to the dentist or has forgotten what their last visit was like (approximately 2-5 years). The American Dental Association recommends that a child see the dentist before his or her first birthday.
4. Where can I purchase the DVD video?
To order videos - click to order via eBay. Thank you.
6. Where can I purchase a VHS video tape?
Presently we are the only ones carrying VHS Video tapes. For an attractive discount on multiple videos, please email:
We accept Venmo and PayPal.
7. Do you accept P.O. orders?
8. I am planning to use the video for a dental hygiene presentation and 28 minutes is too long, can I still use the tape?
Absolutely. The video can be easily cued up to the moment they arrive at the dentist office. From that moment to the end of the video is 16 minutes. The dental segment by itself is 12 minutes.
9. How do dentists use this tape?
Presently we have a number of dentists who provide this tape as a loaner to their pediatric patients before the first visit. They purchase multiple copies and have them available upon request. Some have even sent out announcements notifying their patients that the tape is available. Some dentists prefer to utilize it as an entertaining diversion in the waiting room or during the actual visit.
10. Do you have a Spanish version?
No. The video is no longer in production. There will be no further creations.
11. Do you have any other videos?
No. The video is no longer in production. There will be no further creations.