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Making a "Dentist Practice Kit"

Practicing the visit can be such fun!  It's great to make a "practice kit" or "prop bag" to help with the practice.  Just ask an adult to help you.

You can use a zippered pillowcase or anything that will stay shut and put the things inside the bag that you use when you practice the trip. In fact, have your mom or dad or other special adult person go to the dentist and ask for FREE samples of the gloves, face masks and toothbrushes and anything else the dentist will give you to make the practice as much like the real visit as possible.  In my bag I have:

A big shirt (for the person pretending to be the dentist)

A small towel with a clip to stay shut (for the person pretending to be the patient)

Sunglasses (for the bright light)

2 sets of dentist latex gloves and face masks ("two" so we don't spread germs and put them in their own labeled baggies so you know which ones are yours)

2 toothbrushes (for counting teeth- put them in that same labeled baggie)

Pad of paper (for "signing in")

Floss (Practice winding it around your finger)

A mirror (so you can look at your teeth)

A little container filled with stickers and other little goodies to choose from when your practicing is done (just like the goodie bag at the dentist!)

It's fun to practice being the patient AND the dentist so you can see what a hard job the dentist has. It's also a good way to make sure your mommy or daddy is being a good patient! You can also put my video inside the bag along with going-to-the-dentist books and take the bag with you to play groups, in the car on trips and anywhere else you can think of to practice.  It really is a lot of fun!

Love and Kisses,