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Pinatta Speak

A glossary of words symbols and names you need to know, 
to be in the know!

Pinatta (proper noun)- whacky talk show host who lives in a tree, wears wild hats and takes kids on adventures to practice new things in their lives. Pinatta-PK.gif (12031 bytes)

Boggle Goggles (proper noun)- spectacular glasses that Pinatta invented which allow kids at home to see thru the eyes of the child guest on Pinatta's show.

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(proper noun)
Diva bass player in the band on "Pinatta's View".
Double Dip
(proper noun)
The drummer on Pinatta's view. Takes her name and hairdo from the swirly, sprinkle topped ice cream treat.
Cool Man Duke
(proper noun)
King of Cool. The piano player, leader of the band and a man of very few words. Parents named him after their favorite Paul Newman character.
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Ba Ba Doo (informal interjection) - an expression of great joy and excitement.
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