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“Pinatta’s View: A Trip to the Dentist” is selected as the “Parenting Pick” for videos/dvds in September’s Parenting Magazine

Children’s video continues to win industry recognition

Concord, MA — August 20,2003 — Boggle Goggle Enterprises, a Boston-based children’s entertainment company, today announced that its video “Pinatta’s View: A Trip to the Dentist” was selected as THE “Parenting Pick” for videos/dvds in the 3-5 age category in the September issue of
Parenting Magazine.

The write-up on this video can be found on page 220 of the September issue of Parenting Magazine. It reads as follows: “The Muppet-like title character preps a pal for her first teeth cleaning. Among the wacky trappings are silly skits and original music, courtesy of a three-piece puppet band. My 4-year-old loved this tape (and she’s not nuts about the dentist)”

This magazine “pick” recognizes the quality and originality that is “Pinatta’s View.” In addition to the September “Parenting Pick,” this video was recently selected as a winner in Dr Toy’s Best Children’s Vacation Products of 2003. It was previously selected for an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award, an Aegis Award and a US Film and Video Festival Award. It has also been endorsed by the Dove Foundation and Kids’ First.

“Pinatta’s View” features a loveable puppet named Pinatta and utilizes all original catchy music from her wacky studio band, the Cool Man Band. Adorned with colorful costumes, hair styles and skin colors, these puppets introduce children to real-life experiences from their own unique 40 inch perspective. With the help of Pinatta’s magic “Boggle-Goggle” glasses, children at home can see through the eyes of the cast wearing the glasses. This enables children to visually and audibly see and “practice” unfamiliar new experiences, turning these experiences into familiar and fun adventures.
Boggle-Goggle has received numerous testimonials from mothers and care-givers alike stating that its video’s “practice” concept works and can make a positive difference in the life of a child. Just as “practice” can be used for a child to develop physical or intellectual skills, such as throwing a ball or learning the alphabet, Boggle-Goggle believes that “practice” is also an extremely effective way for a child to develop the emotional skills necessary to approach new experiences with enthusiasm and confidence.