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Claudia Miller-Snyder
Boggle-Goggle Enterprises LLC.
60 Thoreau Street, PMB #205  Concord, MA  01742  USA
440 984-3367

Teach Your Child to Disobey

The stranger bends down to the young child and whispers, "If you make a sound I'll kill you". The child quietly walks away with the stranger and disappears.

 A bright, obedient child can be dangerously susceptible to abduction.  Despite being aware of the danger of strangers, these children are accustomed to following instructions and considering the repercussions of their actions.  To many of these children, following the stranger's instructions would seem like the safest and most sensible reaction.  According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited children, children are often dead within 3 hours of being abducted by a sexual predator.  Children need to learn how and when to disobey.

 "Dramatic play or 'let's pretend' provides a wonderful opportunity for children to practice specific situations where it is okay to disobey" says Claudia Miller-Snyder co-founder of Boggle Goggle Enterprises a company dedicated to the concept of practicingøto-prepare.  Writer of the award winning video Pinatta's View- A Trip To the Dentist   which allows young children to visually practice a first trip to the dentist, Miller-Snyder says it is extremely important to allow a child to physically practice frightening or challenging experiences so that they are better prepared to react.

 When practicing "stranger" scenarios, Miller-Snyder says it is useful to present a wide variety of possible enticement scenarios.  "Pretend to be the smiling stranger with a lost puppy or a piece of candy or a toy.  Be a stranger who knows your child's name and family address.  Ask your child to come with you, sometimes politely with a friendly smile, or sometimes firmly by the hand or arm.  Be a stranger that ""threatens them with harm if they resist"; or assures them that "nothing will happen if they come along for just a minute."  Practice each scenario for just a few minutes and then Miller-Snyder says, teach your child to disobey.

 "Teach them to scream and scatter items or belongings, to make a scene and create a disturbance. Teach them to cry out, "Help! This isn't my Daddy or Mommy!"  Miller-Snyder recommends practicing these scenarios at home with the windows shut so that your child can physically practice screaming without alarming the neighbors.  Applaud their efforts.  Then switch roles and allow your child to portray the stranger as you portray the child. Follow up with plenty of hugs and discussion.

Realizing that there may be an emergency situation that might require your child to be picked up by a neighbor, Miller-Snyder recommends the password system; a word that only your immediate family knows.  Let your child choose the word so that he or she will remember it easily.  If an emergency arises, agree to share the password with the neighbor picking up the child and then come up with a new password afterwards.  It is important to remind the child often of the importance of the password and the need to keep it a secret.  And then test your child.

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