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Claudia Miller-Snyder
Boggle-Goggle Enterprises LLC.
60 Thoreau Street, PMB #205  Concord, MA  01742  USA
440 984-3367

Award winning Children's Video

Concord, MA- "Pinatta's View- A Trip to the Dentist" is an entertaining and instructional video that features original music and puppets as it traces a dental appointment from the actual perspective of a child. Shot at just 40 inches high, this first person perspective is aimed at the two to five year old child who has never been to the dentist or can not remember what their last visit was like.

"Pinatta's View" teaches children to practice for their dental visit by familiarizing them with the actual surroundings, dental instruments and the procedures that they will encounter during a real dental visit. Winner of the Gold Award from the Oppenheim Foundation, The International Film and Video Festival Award (an event held each year to recognize outstanding videos in the areas of instructional, documentary and business) and the Aegis Award, "Pinatta's View- A Trip to the Dentist" is recommended by the Dove Foundation and Kid's First Inc. as "solid family viewing".

Meet the host Pinatta and her "whacky" talk show band- Cool Man Duke, Marlena and Double Dip (she gets her name from her unique ice cream style hairdo) -as they help Emily prepare for her trip to the dentist. With the help of Pinatta's "boggle goggles", the viewer actually sees through Emily's eyes as she visits the dentist.

In a children's video market filled with "how-to" videos, "Pinatta's View- A Trip to the Dentist" is unique because it is filmed from the child'
s 40 inch high perspective. Creator Claudia Miller-Snyder developed the idea by successfully "practicing" with her own daughter before her first trip to the dentist. The video allows children to hear the actual sounds of the dental office while experiencing the visit from their own 40-inch high perspective. The video also presents a step by step guide for the parents and caregivers to "practice" the visit in their own homes or classrooms as reinforcement.

This video is the first production from Boggle Goggle Enterprises (a name derived from the special goggles that children use to see through the eyes of the child on the show). Producer Martha Seely projects a series of these first time videos utilizing the effective first person approach, colorful puppets and original upbeat music. Future projects expected include first haircut, first day in school, first doctor appointment and first airplane ride. Boggle Goggle Enterprises entered the market to create quality products that empower young children with the confidence and enthusiasm to successfully handle challenging events in their everyday lives.

To purchase "Pinatta's View- A Trip to the Dentist" please visit our website at or contact Big Kids distributors at  1 800 477-7811.