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Artwork for Download
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DVD Video Box
(front of box)
DVD-Sleeve-3D-front.jpg (987KB)

DVD Video Box
(back of box)
DVD-Sleeve-3D-back.jpg (1.12MB)

DVD Label Artwork   JPEG (776KB)

VHS Video Box
(front of box)
JPEG (1.1MB)

VHS Video Box
(back of box)
  JPEG (1.4MB)

Character Head Shots and Biographies

JPEG (377KB)

Move over Oprah, there’s a new singing, talk show host in town. Like an eccentric older aunt, Pinatta is purple haired, affectionate, flirtatious, exuberant and anxious for adventure. At only 40 inches tall and a little plump around the middle, her confident attitude and irrepressible enthusiasm can take over a room when she enters and leave everyone feeling better about themselves before she leaves. She is an advocate for children everywhere and has dedicated her show and life to helping them become prepared for challenging experiences in life.


JPEG (904KB)

Cool-Man Duke
(band leader, synthesizer)
He’s long and he’s lean. From the top of his beret to the tip of his goatee, he exudes the essence of cool. We rarely hear him talk and we rarely see his eyes behind the signature shades but he’s the musical genius behind the Cool Man Band. With his deep baritone voice and laid back style, he is too mellow to get angry and too cool to get excited but yet a shy, romantic who secretly carries a picture of the girl who broke his heart…back in highschool.


JPEG (640KB)

Acquiring her nickname from her signature twisty-cone style hairdo, don’t let Double Dip’s high pitched voice, dolphin like giggle and excitable nature fool you, she is an arm wrestling champion and a Rhodes scholar. She can speak 3 languages, loves to dot her conversations with multi syllable words and “amazing intellectual trivia”, and is madly in love with a computer geek named Petey who has been promising to pop the question for 8 years.


JPEG (835KB)

(bass player)
Classically trained in opera, ballet and classical guitar, Marlena is all about attitude and ego. She is constantly eyeing Pinatta’s hosting position and firmly believes she deserves it. Unfortunately she has an aversion to children, animals and bugs. As life would have it, they seem to find her irresistible. She is also extremely proud of her Hispanic heritage, her fashion sense and her plus model beauty.

The "Cool-Man Band" JPEG (535KB)

"Boggle-Goggle" Logo

JPEG (163KB)
EPS (CMYK-color) (169KB)
EPS (RGB-color) (169KB)
EPS (B&W) (167KB)

"Pinatta's View" Logo

JPEG (222KB)
EPS (RGB-color) (159KB)
EPS (B&W) (142KB)

"A Trip to the Dentist through Pinatta's View" Logo

JPEG (201KB)
EPS (RGB-color) (184KB)
EPS (grayscale) (175KB)

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Video & Audio
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25 words

Pinatta and her puppet band use music, boggle goggles and a child's perspective to practice and then take a trip to a real dentist.

250 characters

Join Pinatta and her puppet band inside the big oak tree as they use music, boggle goggles and a child's point of view to practice going to the dentist. Then journey with them as they take a real trip to the dentist to meet the people and get to know the sights and sounds from a child's 40 inch high perspective.

General Overview

This award winning show for preschool age children features a lovable puppet named Pinatta and her wacky studio band, the Cool Man Band.  Adorned with colorful costumes, hairstyles and skin colors, these puppets introduce children to challenging real-life experiences from their own unique 40-inch high point-of-view.  With the help of Pinatta's magic "boggle-goggles", children at home can see through the eyes of the cast wearing the glasses.  This enables the children to visually and audibly see and "practice" unfamiliar new experiences, turning these experiences into familiar and fun adventures.

Each 1/2 hour episode is infused with original and fun music performed by the three piece puppet band.  Every show features several recurring characters, an off-screen children's audience and a fun new adventure from a child's 40-inch point-of-view.  This special point-of-view combined with the flexible setting of a modern talk show allows Pinatta to present a myriad of new adventures, all utilizing an honest and playful approach while still presenting a broad number of serious issues and common concerns facing young children today.



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