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Greg Shenk
Boggle-Goggle Enterprises


Boggle-Goggle Appoints Vice President of Business Development and Prepares to Conquer Children’s Entertainment Business

Children’s company attracts top talent, continues to receive industry accolades, and targets future television exposure

Concord, Mass. — July 21, 2003 — Boggle Goggle Enterprises, a Boston-based children’s entertainment company, today announced that it has appointed Karen D. Miller, former Co-founder and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for DOME imaging systems, as Vice President of Business Development. Boggle-Goggle will combine Karen Miller’s business development and entrepreneurial expertise with its current achievements in the children’s entertainment market to successfully drive the company into new television and commercial ventures.

“Karen Miller has a proven track record for growing small companies with innovative ideas,” said Martha Seely, Founder and Director of Production for Boggle Goggle. “I’m excited to couple our vision of children’s entertainment with her business knowledge. Karen’s experience will be instrumental in helping us bring our product to a wider television and commercial audience.”

Miller brings more than 20 years of experience in building winning companies to Boggle-Goggle’s executive team. As Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for DOME imaging systems, a high-tech medical imaging company, Miller grew DOME from an initial private investment of $40,000 to a company recently purchased by public company, Planar Systems for $61 million. In her new role, Miller will oversee Boggle-Goggle’s overall business development strategy and manage its future growth. She is following a trend of many successful high-tech veterans who are choosing new fields, especially creative ones, to apply their business acumen and energy.

“I am looking forward to tackling a different market with a new set of challenges,” said Karen Miller,” Vice President of Business Development. “The creative aspects of Boggle Goggle’s business are exciting. The company has done extremely well in the past two years and I look forward to pushing it to the next phase.

Boggle-Goggle Enterprises’ first product was a video titled “Pinatta’s View: A Trip to the Dentist.” It has won numerous awards and was just selected as a winner in ”Dr. Toy’s Best Children’s Vacation Products of 2003.” “Pinatta’s View” features a loveable puppet named Pinatta and utilizes all original catchy music from her wacky studio band, the Cool Man Band. Adorned with colorful costumes, hair styles and skin colors, these puppets introduce children to real-life experiences from their own unique 40 inch perspective. With the help of Pinatta’s magic “Boggle-Goggle” glasses, children at home can see through the eyes of the cast wearing the glasses. This enables children to visually and audibly see and “practice” unfamiliar new experiences, turning these experiences into familiar and fun adventures.

Boggle Goggle Enterprises has proven that creativity, energy and entrepreneurial zeal can win over size and might. Currently more than 3,000 videos have been sold through guerilla marketing techniques. This small and highly energetic company now has eleven different distributors selling its product, many from the educational and library channels. But word-of-mouth has been an important driver to its sales, as on-line distributor Amazon is becoming one of Boggle-Goggle’s most consistent distributors, proving that there is real commercial interest. Boggle-Goggle has received numerous testimonials from mothers and care-givers alike stating that its video’s “practice” concept works and can make a positive difference in the life of a child.

Boggle-Goggle is unique in that it solely wrote, produced, post-produced and distributed its first product. Due to its success in the market place, the company is now talking to numerous production partners about taking its product to television. Boggle-Goggle also has additional projects in the works proving that small means creative and nimble.

About Boggle-Goggle Enterprises, LLC.

Boggle-Goggle creates the award-winning show, “Pinatta’s View,” designed to empower young children (ages 2-6) with the confidence and ability to successfully cope with challenging events in their lives. “Pinatta’s View” is the first in a series of children’s educational-entertainment shows which focus on preparing preschool children and their caregivers for new experiences – like trips to the dentist, haircuts, airplane rides, etc. Boggle-Goggle Enterprises, LLC is an independent production company dedicated to the creation of quality entertainment products for children and their caregivers. Boggle-Goggle was officially incorporated in August of 1999 in Boston, MA.

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