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Boggle-Goggle Enterprises, LLC

Boggle-Goggle Enterprises, LLC is an independent production company dedicated to the creation of quality products rooted in learning-based, educational entertainment for children and their caregivers.

Boggle-Goggle was officially incorporated in August of 1999 in Boston, MA

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Mission Statement
We believe that every child has the ability to handle challenging events in their lives if they have the opportunity to become familiar with the sights and sounds beforehand. In this day and age, children are experiencing these challenging events earlier in their lives. They need some help in becoming adjusted to unfamiliar situations. With “practice”, they can feel comfortable when they take an actual “adventure” themselves.

“A Trip to the Dentist though Pinatta’s View” is the first in an ongoing series of videos that focuses on preschool children and their caregivers, providing a variety of first-time experiences through the first person point of view with the emphasis on "practice".

The Managing Partners

Claudia Miller-Snyder, Creative Director

Ms. Miller-Snyder developed the concept and wrote the script for this first project based on her own observations and experiences with children, and as a mom. She (with her husband Steven) composed and arranged all the music for the current production of “A Trip to the Dentist through Pinatta’s View”. She is also a professional actress and singer and has worked in the entertainment industry for the last 18 years. She is a graduate of Towson State University.

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Martha Seely, Production and Marketing

Ms. Seely was the producer of Boggle-Goggle’s first video project and is currently moving the project into the marketplace. Her 20-year career in communications and entertainment encompasses both creative and business with additional experience in advertising and public relations. She is a graduate of Connecticut College, and received her MFA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Please call Martha Seely at 978-287-4628 or e-mail at 
Our postal mailing address is:
Boggle-Goggle Enterprises, LLC
60 Thoreau Street - PMB#205
Concord, MA 02142

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