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Don’t You Wish Everyone Saw Things From Your Point of View?

Imagine being 3 years old and standing just 40 inches high. Things look, sound and seem a lot different from that perspective and we as adults don't spend a lot of time walking around on our knees trying to relate to their unique slant on life!
Introducing Pinatta... she stands just 40 inches tall and she sees things from a child's point of view. Come join her inside the big oak tree as she uses music and her wonderful invention called Boggle-Goggles to make it possible for children to see the dentist as it really is and for adults to better understand their unique point of view.

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What You Won't See:

You WON’T see any giant purple toothbrushes or dancing pieces of floss. You won’t even hear a single nursery rhyme.

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 What You Will See:

You WILL meet her wacky talk show band, sing along to their lively ORIGINAL songs, meet some special guests and get some simple pointers about practicing a dentist trip at home. Then with Pinatta as your guide, and filmed from the point of view of 4 year old Emily, you’ll take a real trip to the dentist and hygienist and become familiar with the sights and sounds of a dentist office.

We're glad you joined us for this adventure.
Welcome to Pinatta’s View!


Claudia Miller-Snyder and Martha Seely 

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Video Fact Sheet

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This video is the first in a series of children’s educational-entertainment videos which focuses on preparing preschool children and their caregivers for those “first” experiences - like first haircut, first day at school, first airplane trip, etc.

Award winning video...

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio
Gold Seal Award 2002

Recommended by...    

The series is designed to:

  • Encourage discussion between parents and kids - to help develop trust building and self confidence.
  • Encourage “practicing” as a way to develop familiarity with new situations - show a child the experience the way he/she might actually see it - from a child’s 40" high perspective with real sights and sounds.
  • Transport children to the real dentist’s office through the use of puppets, music and first person point of view. The child is led through an actual cleaning and exam and introduced to real dental equipment.

Who, What, and Where

Pinatta’s View was produced in Boston, MA and Orlando, FL by Martha Seely

The concept and script for Pinatta’s View was developed by Claudia Miller-Snyder, who also wrote the script. She and her husband, Steven Snyder, wrote and arranged the music and lyrics.

A Trip to the Dentist through Pinatta's View

Executive Producers:

Karen D. Miller and Dr. Richard A. Pope
Producer: Martha Seely 

Claudia Miller-Snyder  

Director/Dir. of Photography:

Austin de Besche

Production Design:

Agi Klausz

Puppet Designer:

Julie Morrison  

Music and Lyrics:

Claudia Miller-Snyder  and Steven Snyder


Tony Dolan  

Package Design and Artwork:

Leo Audette  

Unique position in the marketplace

What sets Pinatta’s View™ apart is its unique way of introducing a child to the very realistic sights and sounds of an experience from a seldom seen perspective, their own. This is accomplished through the use of an invention called Boggle-Goggles™ that are worn both by the child in the show and the audience watching at home. They allow the “at-home” audience to see exactly what the “on-air” child is seeing.

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Boggle-Goggle Enterprises, LLC

Mission Statement

To create products that empower young children with the confidence and ability to successfully cope with challenging events in their lives.

Boggle-Goggle Enterprises, LLC is an independent production company dedicated to the creation of quality products rooted in learning-based, educational entertainment for children and their caregivers.

Boggle-Goggle was officially incorporated in August of 1999 in Boston, MA.

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The Managing Partners

Claudia Miller-Snyder, Creative Director 
Ms. Miller-Snyder developed the concept and wrote the script for this first project based on her own observations and experiences with children, and as a mom. She (with her husband Steven) composed and arranged all the music for the current production of “A Trip to the Dentist through Pinatta’s View”. She is also a professional actress and singer and has worked in the entertainment industry for the last 18+ years. She is a graduate of Towson State University.


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Martha Seely, Production and Marketing 
Ms. Seely was the producer of Boggle-Goggle’s first video project and is currently moving the project into the marketplace. Her 20 +year career in communications and entertainment encompasses both creative and business with additional experience in advertising and public relations. She is a graduate of Connecticut College, and received her MFA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Karen Miller, Vice President of Business Development
Ms. Miller was the executive producer of Boggle-Goggle's first video project and has recently been appointed Vice-President of Business Development. Her role is to oversee Boggle-Goggle's overall business development strategy, as well as to position the company for future growth. Ms. Miller brings more than 20 years of entrepreneurial expertise and business success to Boggle-Goggle's executive team. Her most recent venture was DOME imaging systems which she co-founded and served as Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. DOME was recently purchased by public company, Planar Systems. She is a graduate of the University of Richmond.


To contact us

Email: Our postal mailing address is: Boggle-Goggle Enterprises  60 Thoreau Street - PMB#205
Concord, MA 01742

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Disclaimer, Privacy Policy & Copyright

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For parents and caregivers of Pinatta’s View kids
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Privacy Policy

For Parents and Caregivers of Pinatta’s View Kids:

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